Sales Talent Sourcing

Where to find top-quality sales talent.

Talent Sourcing

  1. Your network.
    1. Have you worked with any sales reps in a prior role who could be a good fit for your current team? Or do you know a solid professional who may not have direct experience but has the necessary competencies and is coachable? Have you had a great experience with a salesperson from another company who convinced you to make a purchase? If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider contacting these individuals to gauge their interest in joining your sales team.
  2. Recruiters and staffing agencies.
  3. Networking events.
    1. Local networking events can be a fantastic resource for finding sales talent. Try searching for events relevant to your niche in your area. Whether it is a day-long conference led by a company that makes software used by your organization, or a local lunch-and-learn with a guest speaker, attendees at professional networking events are typically looking to make connections that can be beneficial to their careers.

  4. LinkedIn.
  5. Social media shares.
    1. In addition to LinkedIn, other social media sites can be beneficial for finding qualified sellers. You can try sharing the job listing on your social media profiles to engage with your personal network, groups you’re a part of, or share from your company’s profiles to reach a wider audience (just make sure this is cleared with your HR and marketing teams).

  6. Traditional job boards.
    1. Well-known websites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, Simply Hired, and Monster can get your listing in front of a large pool of applicants. While these job sites are often full of listings from similar positions, they can provide helpful insights on what roles your competitors are hiring for, as well as the salary and statement of work provided by other roles. This information can help you gauge how competitive your listing is in the current market, and empowering you to adjust as needed to attract top talent.

  7. Niche job boards.
    1. Consider adding your listing to niche job boards specifically for facilitating sales hires. Here are some sales job boards to check out:

      • Rainmakers: This platform is designed to match employers with high-performing salespeople. Applicants create profiles that highlight their relevant skills and sales effectiveness.
      • SalesJobs: SalesJobs is a popular job board for sales roles with flexible packages available for employers and recruiters.
      • Sales Heads: Sales Heads is a sales-focused job board powered by Nexxt. This platform is especially popular for employers posting entry-level sales roles.

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